8 Maintenance Services To Keep Your Vehicle Running

There is nothing worse than an issue that keeps your car from operating.  However, this can be avoided with regular car maintenance that can find minor issues before they become expensive and time-consuming repairs.

The following is a list of the most common services you can get for your vehicle to ensure optimum performance every time you get into your car.

#8 –
Coolant System Exchange & Checkup

Make sure that your car doesn’t overheat by having coolant levels checked and topped up.

#7 –
Wheel Alignment

It is recommended to have tires realigned every six months to ensure adequate gas mileage and avoid tire slippage on the road.

#6 –
Transmission Fluid Exchange

Keep gears running smoothly with transmission fluid exchanges or refills.

#5 –
Tire Balancing & Rotation

Rotating and balancing tires decreases the risk of a bumpy or unbalanced ride.  Additionally, it ensures that tires wear at the same rate.

Ford vehicle service

#4 –
Brake & Rotor Maintenance

If you hear high-pitched squeaking from the bottom of your car, it could be a sign that your brakes or rotors are worn and need replacing.  Worn brakes are dangerous on the road and limit your chances of avoiding a collision.

#3 –
Battery Service

Cars need batteries to run a variety of electrical functions, from ignition to air conditioning.  If your battery is old or dirty, consider going to a Ford vehicle service center as they often have the best warranty option for a new battery.

#2 –
Oil & Filter Change

Keep your engine well lubricated with oil and oil filter changes to ensure optimal engine performance.

#1 –
General Multi-Point Inspection

Even if there isn’t anything actively wrong with your vehicle, taking it in every six months for a top to bottom inspection will locate any repair issues before they become massive problems.

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