How Do I Groom My Dog?

While a dog can be a man’s best friend, it’s imperative to regularly groom them so they can stay man’s best smelling friend .Dogs, even well-trained house dogs, get dirty.  Burying their favorite toys, chasing cats and rodents, and rolling around in the grass can leave your dog smelling pretty bad.  Furthermore, unchecked eating habits can leave your dog’s breath smelling even worse.

To keep your dog looking, smelling, and feeling its best, it’s important to groom them regularly.  Effective grooming techniques don’t just reduce a dog’s odor but also keeps them protected from parasites, fleas, and ticks that can cause uncomfortable skin irritations in addition to infestations in your home.

There are various grooming methods you can implement depending on the size and breed of your dog. However, for the best results, a mix of daily and semi-annual grooming techniques should be utilized regularly.

Grooming Tasks

An essential daily grooming task that will keep your dog’s coat looking healthy is brushing.  Brushing not only makes a dog visually appealing to look at but also removes excess dirt and hair that can cover your home, reducing the risk of allergy attacks.

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Additionally, checking your dog’s teeth daily for any infection or debris will reduce foul breath and maintain healthy oral function.

Grooming Services

More labor-intensive techniques such as nail cutting, teeth brushing, and hair trimming can be done by a professional dog groomer to avoid any damage to your dog’s extremities.  These types of dog grooming services can be done approximately every three to six months.

Many businesses provide grooming services from pop-up veterinary trucks to places like Hounds Town Sandford dog daycare.  Any of these dog grooming service providers will have the equipment and skill needed to expertly clean and groom your dog.

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